Sewan, a company,
a state of mind

From a small start-up located in a former bakery to a European brand – a lot has changed in the past 12 years.

About Sewan

Created in 2007 by four entrepreneurs from the telecom industry, Sewan was born out of an observation. Companies are still encountering too much complexity in their digital transition. Sewan’s ambition is to simplify corporate communication, and it is with this in mind that Sewan is developing, based on an innovative business model and Saas software that has become the company’s DNA: Sophia.

Sophia is a 100% automated solution, accessible via a simple interface, which enables our partners and customers to manage all cloud services for users: communications, connectivity and hosting.

Today, more than 850,000 business users work daily with Sewan’s cloud solutions in France and Europe. Sewan relies on a network of 1,000 distribution partners and has 75,000 business customers. After three acquisitions in Spain, Belgium and Germany, Sewan intends to extend its influence in Europe and has raised a record €75 million in 2019.

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Happy at work

Since 2018, Sewan has been labeled Happy At Work! In 2020, we received a score of 4.5/5 from our teams in France and abroad and a recommendation rate of 89.3%. According to the survey results, it’s a great place to live at Sewan. We have reason to be proud! Don’t you think it’s time for you to join this great adventure that is above all human?

Our values

Benevolence at all levels

To our employees, partners, customers and users.


The essence of the Sewan spirit. We are a growing company, one of the leaders in the market, and yet we know that the key to progress and success is simplicity.


We are convinced that everything is possible if we move forward together as a team.


Share, iterate and add ideas and values. Sewan innovates through team cooperation but also with partners, customers and users.

The life of Sewaners

Sewan is an entrepreneurial spirit, but above all a big family and a community of enthusiasts

Quality of life at work
Evenings & events
Mobility & professional development