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Professional equality: Sewan emphasizes the place of women in Tech

Who are the 6 ENIAC programmers who installed the first fully electronic digital computer? Who is behind the first compiler, a program that translates source code into binary code? Which woman was the first coder in the world? Could the first man who walked on the moon have done so without the intervention of a […]

Sewan.Jobs: your new recruitment platform is ready!

Come and have a look at the new version of Sewan.Jobs! The platform aims to bring in the best talents to enrich the group’s teams. Wondering how? Quite simply by regularly publishing offers that highlight the diversity of Sewan’s professions and areas of intervention (developer, scrummaster, network engineer, product owner, project manager, etc.). To […]

In-house training: a structuring project at Sewan

Training is a major strategic tool for a company’s performance. At Sewan, we have therefore set up an internal training program called Masterclass. The major challenge of a corporate training policy is to increase the knowledge of teams and ensure the transmission of knowledge and know-how. The training provided at Sewan is therefore provided by […]

Confinement and teleworking: what are the results for the Sewan HR team?

2020 will remain a very special year, especially for companies, many of which have had to completely review their way of working. Between containment and widespread teleworking, teams have been organizing themselves remotely. Confinement and teleworking have had a strong impact on recruitment. At Sewan, we are fortunate to be in an industry that has […]