In-house training: a structuring project at Sewan

Training is a major strategic tool for a company’s performance. At Sewan, we have therefore set up an internal training program called Masterclass.

The major challenge of a corporate training policy is to increase the knowledge of teams and ensure the transmission of knowledge and know-how. The training provided at Sewan is therefore provided by the Sewaners themselves, according to their expertise and specialties.

The training program has been in existence for two years now at Sewan. Today, no fewer than 14 training courses are available to all teams. And others should follow soon.

The solutions in the Sewan catalog, the IT tools we use on a daiy basis, public speaking, recruitment, English, improving written expression… The training courses available in-house are as numerous as they are varied.

Supporting the development of Team skills

Julie Mazzacane, a member of the HR team, is in charge of the internal training part. “At Sewan, helping employees to grow is essential. At Sewan, it’s essential to help employees grow, and that means training,” explains the HR manager. “For the trainers, it’s also a way to enhance their expertise and vary their tasks“.

Valuing skills internally

Julie Lefrique is a member of the internal training team. “It’s a side project that’s really close to my heart,” she explains. “Training helps to enhance knowledge, to build teams’ skills and to build employee loyalty”.

Thanks to Masterclass, everyone has the opportunity to train on the subject of their choice, out of curiosity, with a view to internal mobility, or as part of their onboarding. Training is a strong strategic focus at Sewan, which has already attracted more than half the workforce!