Confinement and teleworking: what are the results for the Sewan HR team?

2020 will remain a very special year, especially for companies, many of which have had to completely review their way of working. Between containment and widespread teleworking, teams have been organizing themselves remotely.

Confinement and teleworking have had a strong impact on recruitment. At Sewan, we are fortunate to be in an industry that has remained very active, even in recent months. This enables us to maintain our recruitment and regularly welcome new employees into the Group.

Adapting our processes

to the context

“Recruitment continues at Sewan and the HR teams are adapting to the context. Digital technology has taken a predominant place in our processes. Interviews are now conducted remotely to comply with current health regulations, and we are increasing the number of electronic exchanges,” explains Julie Mazzacane, HR Manager at Sewan.

Recruitment during periods of confinement also requires a review of its onboarding policy. Indeed, it’s not easy to take on new employees when everyone is at a distance. “We’ve done everything we can to ensure that everything runs smoothly. The necessary equipment (computers in particular) is provided on the first day so that each new employee can start his or her mission remotely, and the teams do what it takes in video to answer all their questions and integrate them in the best possible conditions,” explains Julie. “We were able to count on the Sewaners’ collective sense of purpose and the general goodwill of the teams for these unique integrations”.

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